Tattoo Sticker is different from the traditional tattoo. Tattoo sticker is easy to apply. It just needs a few seconds which will not take longtime and feel pain. In addition, it will not take longtime to clean and you can change the pattern everyday. We use the imported plant oil-based ink to make sure the quality. It has strong adhesion, fineness and gloss.

Transfer Process

1. Clean and dry skin completely, and cut out the pattern you want. 
2. Remove the transparent film. 
3. Place the "tattoo" on your skin. 
4. Rub and wet the "tattoo" with damp towel and sponge. 
5. Peel the corner of the "tattoo" gently to check if it is transferred, if it doesn't, press down and wet it again. 

How to remove it

Use baby oil or alcohol to wipe it.